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2022 China Silicone Product Market Report Available for Reservation

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    As a new type of high-tech material, silicone,with nearly 80 years of development, has been widely used in construction,textile, electronics, transportation, chemical, aerospace, new energy, medicalmachinery, daily cosmetics, personal care and other fields. It has now developedinto a new fine chemical system with intensive technology and an importantposition in the national economy. Also, it is one of the fastest-growingvarieties of synthetic materials that can best meet the requirements of thetimes.

    China has reversed its long-term dependence onimports and become a net exporter of polysiloxane since 2015. China’s netexport of polysiloxane has been growing steadily in recent ten years. In 2020,China’s net export of polysiloxane reached 83kt. By the end of 2020, China’spolysiloxane production capacity and output had reached 1.573 million tons peryear and 1.338 million tons, accounting for more than half of the global total.China has become a major producer and consumer of silicone in the world.

    With the increasing willingness of people toimprove the quality of life, silicone products are replacing the stock marketof other material products with excellent performance. In addition to thesteady growth of traditional fields such as construction, textile, electronicappliances and industrial additives, there are many emerging products in theconsumer health market with fast product iteration, such as personal medicalcare and daily necessities. The emergence of “popular” new products is expectedto open a new growth space. The market demand for silicone materials inenergy-saving and environmental protection industries such as photovoltaic andnew energy will maintain medium and high-speed growth. Ultra-high voltage andultra-high voltage power grid construction, 3D printing, 5G, intelligentwearable devices and other emerging fields will be one of the market growthpoints and breakthrough points for silicone materials in the future.

    In 2021, China’s silicone market experiencedthrilling ups and downs. The price once reached an all-time high of RMB63,000/t,an increase of more than 300% compared with the price at the beginning of theyear. Meanwhile, many enterprises have started or are planning new constructionand expansion projects of silicone monomers, with new production capacitymainly coming from nearly 20 enterprises such as Hoshine Silicon, XingfaChemicals Group, Dongyue Silicone Material, Yunnan Provincial Energy InvestmentGroup and Inner Mongolia Xingxing Chemical. Can all these projects be put intooperation as scheduled? Will there be any new changes in market supply? Whatimpact will national policies bring to the silicone industry? Will 2022 face anew pattern? What are the impacts of repeated pandemic outbreaks and stalemateson human living habits? Are there any new changes in downstream demand? Theannual monitoring report of key silicone material products (2022 version)launched by the Strategic Alliance of Green Silicon Industry (SAGSI) willanswer the above questions.


    The full text of each annual report is about 30,000words, with 8-10 chapters and about 60-70 detailed charts, all of which are thelatest research data. Our reports, issued since 2008, are highly appreciatedfor the content with 13 years of history. At the same time, we also provide monthlyreports, weekly reports, silicon newsletter and other customized servicesaccording to customer needs.

    I. Annualreport
    1.     China Fumed Silica Annual Report (2022)
    2.     China Silicon Metal Annual Report (2022)
    3.     China Polysiloxane Annual Report (2022)
    4.     China Silicone Resin Annual Report (2022)
    5.     China Silicone Fluid and Emulsion Annual Report(2022)
    6.     China RTV Annual Report (2022)
    7.     China HTV/LSR Annual Report (2022)
    8.     China Functional Silane Annual Report (2022)
    9.     China Silicon Tetrachloride/Chlorosilane AnnualReport (2022)
    Report Content
    1. Macroeconomic
    2. Analysis of energy situation
    3. Production and supply
    4. Forecast of new capacity in the future
    5. Production process and technical economy
    6. Import and export status
    7. Consumption demand and forecast
    8. Upstream and downstream market analysis
    9. Long term price trend analysis
    10. Supply and demand analysis and forecast
    II. MonthReport
    1.     SAGSI China Silicone Market Monthly Report
    2.     SAGSI China Fumed Silica Market Monthly Report
    3.     SAGSI China Polysilicon Market Monthly Report

    Report Content
    1. Monthly overview of the current world marketof this product
    2. Supply status of this product in China(output, import and export, new and planned installations, operation status ofkey enterprises)
    3. Change of demand (demand, change of downstreamproducts)
    4. Analysis of import and export data
    5. Market price trend
    6. Corporate news
    7. Supply-demand prediction
    III. WeeklyReport
    China Silicon Industry Chain Weekly MonitoringReport
    Report Content
    1. Market price trend
    2. Supply status of the product in China (newlybuilt and planned installations, operation status of key enterprises)
    3. Corporate news
    4. Supply and demand prediction
    IV. Suitablefor
    Decision-makers, middle and senior technicalmanagement personnel and related investors, suppliers and distributors incharge of production, scientific research and operation in the industry of silicone,polysilicon, silicon metal and fumed silica.
    V. Form of ReportIssuance
    Electronic PDF version will be sent regularly byemail. The weekly report is updated every Monday; Monthly Report is updated onthe 8th of each month with Chinese and English versions; The Annual Report is updatedevery April with Chinese and English versions.
    VI. Subscription
    1. Contact us

    Nicole Tang 010-53621243 18210097596 (Same asWeChat number) tangnaimei@acmi.org.cn
    Beijing Sino Advanced Chemical Materials Institution(ACMI)
    Sino Alliance of Green Development of Silicon Industry(SAGSI)
    Room 1510, Building 4, Fengchuang Science Park,Kechuang 13th Street, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone

    2. Leave your contactdetails to receive the report introduction


    Beijing Sino Advanced Chemical Materials Institution (ACMI) is a service institution specializing in the industry researchand technology development of new chemical materials. The main businessesinclude consulting and planning, market monitoring, media publishing, exhibitionsand conferences, etc.

    Sino Alliance of Green Development of  Silicon Industry(SAGSI) is a public platform committed to green, healthy, energy-saving andsustainable development of silicon industry. SAGSI carries out daily workrelying on Beijing Sino Advanced Chemical Materials Institution(ACMI), and the main businesses include consulting and planning, evaluation andinvestigation, competitive intelligence, conferences, journals, standards andcustoms coordination covering silicone, polysilicon, silicon metal and fumedsilica industries.



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